Travis Tooke
Travis Tooke instructor with Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts Houston TX - Coaches-Travis-5"Hi, my name is Travis Tooke and I want to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and check out our school. As the Chief Instructor here at Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts in Houston I would like to invite you on a journey that will change your life forever. Our instructors are some of the most qualified and competition-tested you will ever meet." - Travis Tooke

Here are a few of my own achievements:

  • Multiple-Time South Texas Wrestling Champion
  • 1999 Klein Oak Wrestling District Champion
  • 1999 Texas Regional Championship Bronze Medalist
  • 1999 Texas BJJ Cup Champion
  • 1999 Texas Big D Nationals Champion
  • 2000 2x Texas BJJ Cup Champion
  • 2001 Texas BJJ Challenge Winner of Gi, No Gi and Open Class Divisions
  • 2001 Texas BJJ Challenge Awarded Most Technical Fighter
  • 2001 Grappling Games Champion
  • 2001 3rd American International Championships Champion
  • 2002 Texas Invitational Championship-Gi and No Gi Divisions
  • 2002 Texas BJJ Championships Champion
  • 2002 Southwest Submission Championships Champion
  • 2002 H-Town Challenge Winner of Gi, No Gi, Open Gi and Open No Gi Divisions
  • 2002 Southwest Submission Championships Winner of Gi, No Gi and 8 Man Division
  • 2003 Smack Down in H-Town Winner of Gi, No Gi, Open Gi and Open No Gi Divisions
  • 2003 Finisher Cup Superfight Winner
  • 2003 NAGA Champion, Gi and No Gi
  • 2004 Brazilian State Ranking Silver Medalist
  • 2004 Copa Independencia Champion/Open Division Bronze Medalist
  • 2004 Brazileiro de Equipes (Team Nationals) winner of both fights/2nd place team medal
  • 2005 2x Grapplers Quest Champion
  • 2007 Grapplers Quest bronze medalist Absolute weight division
  • 2008 3X NAGA Champion-Winner of Absolute Division
  • 2008 NAGA Hawaii Gold medalist Adult Expert Division – Middle Weight, Absolute Division Bronze medalist
  • 2012 IBJJF Pan Am Bronze Medalist
  • 2012 Grappling Grand Prix Super Fight Winner
  • 2013 Fury Fighting-Winner of Pro MMA Fight
  • 2015 IBJJF Houston Open Champion
  • 2015 IBJJF Rome Open Bronze Medalist
  • 2015 IBJJF European No Gi International Champion (Bronze Medalist in Absolute Division)
  • 2015 American National Champion (No Gi Division)
  • 2015 American National Bronze Medalist (Gi Division)
But, that’s NOT what I’m really proud of. My real passion lies with bringing out the best in my students. I absolutely love to teach and see students off all ages, male and female change their lives for the better. Whether your goal is to get into phenomenal shape, improve your life with discipline and hard work or become a world class competitor, Team Tooke is the place to be.

What to Expect On Your First Visit

One of our instructors will take you through a complete goal analysis, so we can find out exactly what you hope to gain from your experience with us and how we can best suit your individual needs. Once we have established that, we will create a profile for you and take you through a free introductory lesson in one or more of our Martial Arts programs. Here you will learn the fundamental elements of each style so you can get started on the right foot. Now how many Martial Arts Academies do all this… for FREE?